Forget all you’ve ever thought a church should be like..

Whether you've never been to a church, or have been to one and hated it. We need to make you aware of something..
This ain't your grandma's church!

No Offering Plates

“All a church wants is my money..”
Nope; we desire that you encounter the true living God and experience a life change that only God can give.

No Pulpit

“Pastor’s always look down on people”
Pulpit.. What a funny word. Sounds like something you’d expect to be a Pokemon character or something weird like that.

No Pointy Steeple

“Churches always spend money on looks..”
Actually our steeple you can climb! It looked awful on top of the building so we had to settle for keeping it on the side!

No Hymnal Books

“Turn to page 11,594 in your hymnal..”
While there isn’t anything wrong with the old songs, the Bible says “Sing a new song unto the Lord” and we like to switch it up!

No Fire & Brimstone

“That’s all pastors preach about..
Wrong again! At The Rock, discover how you can learn about God all the while and keep boring out of your vocabulary!

Tattoos? Awesome!

“I have tattoo’s and they are not nice..”
That’s AWESOME! Tattoos can be great testimonies of your life before you encountered Gods change.

No Dress Code

“I don’t have any dress clothes..”
So what! To quote a popular country song: No shoes, no shirt, no problem! You’re welcome to wear whatever you want!

Hats Welcome

“Why I gotta take off my hat..”
Who said you do?! Wear it if you want to or if have scary bed head or something! Actually scary bedhead is welcome!

Spontaneous Combustion

“I’ll burst into flames at church..”
Hasn’t happened yet and honestly, after hearing testimonies from others, highly doubt it will happen to you!

Got A Past?

“I’ve got a past that..”
Fantastic! You’re exactly the person God is looking for! Those who have fallen hard, can grow larger than those who haven’t.

Learn About What We Believe

We Can’t Wait to Meet You

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Our Unshakable Mission

In 2007, The Rock would undergo a transformation no one could have predicted. We got rid of all the ways "man" expected a church should run and began to seek God to direct the journey of The Rock. We realized that people were hurting in the world and they needed to know that there was a firm foundation in which to find hope and joy. For those who come to The Rock for the first time, they are memorized by the fact that the walls are covered with rock climbing gear, that there is an arcade upstairs free of charge, there is no one shoving religion down their throats. We are all people who have lived non-perfect lives and we realized one major thing. We are to LOVE ALL PEOPLE.

We desired to focus on that one understanding. If we can help people, we can help families; and if we can help families, we can help make better communities; if we can reach communities, we can change the world. Individuals and families after all make up our world so that is our mission, to help people find a relationship, not a religion.


Meet Pastor Terry Jones

Hello there! Let me be the first to welcome to The Rock, well our website at least! My name is Pastor Terry and I pastor The Rock along with my beautiful wife Bethany. I have been pastoring a church since 1986, however, in 2007 God would completely alter the way I looked at a church. When I shattered all ideologies as to how "man" assumed church should be run and opened my heart to how God wants it to be, the results forever changed my life in ways I never imagined.

The church was made for people who needed God's presence, not the other way around. God didn't care what people wore to church, the songs they sing, or the fancy pulpits that it had. He cared about the hearts of the people who came into the building seeking him. Upon that simple yet profound realization, I desired to transform from a routine church to one that had one mission, to help families and change lives. The greatest thing I have come to understand through this journey was this, "God doesn't care where you've been, he cares about where you're going.


See How The Rock Is Making A Difference

The team at The Rock

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Terry Jones
Terry Jones

Terry Jones

Lead Pastor
Bethany Jones
Bethany Jones

Bethany Jones

Assistant Pastor
Tony Fisher
Tony Fisher

Tony Fisher

Youth Pastor
Maria Sutherland
Maria Sutherland

Maria Sutherland

Worship Leader
Terry Jones

Terry Jones

Lead Pastor
Bethany Jones

Bethany Jones

Assistant Pastor
Tony Fisher

Tony Fisher

Youth Pastor
Maria Sutherland

Maria Sutherland

Worship Leader

How has The Rock changed your life?

What people are saying about us.


Having come from the Bible Belt region, I grew up with the thought of God having a lightning bolt in one hand and a hug in the other.  All the while having that Clint Eastwood voice of make my day.  What I have learned in my time at The Rock changed my life forever.  I learned just a David did that God saw him as a friend and God is patient in our lives.  God considers me a friend and only desired for me to put aside my sinful ways so he could get closer, not destroy me!  Over the years of attending The Rock, that understanding would grow in ways I never thought possible.  Indeed, as Pastor Terry reminds often, “God doesn’t care about where you’ve been, he cares about where you’re was going.”  Who I am now isn’t even a figment of the imagination of who I was years ago.  If you have never truly experienced change in your life, I strongly recommend The Rock.

Chris Lewis

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Get Involved

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